Balconies serve as our refuge for enjoying fresh air and sunshine, offering an experience beyond compare to simply gazing through a window. They enhance the value of multi-family buildings, with many individuals seeking rental properties featuring this desirable amenity.

Our aluminum balcony systems excel in extreme conditions, ensuring they never rust, warp, or rot, making them superior to steel, composite, or wood alternatives. Engineered for long-term durability, West Coast Railing provides a choice between traditional baluster panels and full glass panes – offering a clear solution to an unobstructed view.









• Fully Assembled Balconies Built to Specifications Save Time and Money during Installation

• Choose from a Variety of Baluster and Glass Railing Systems

• Precision-Engineered for Multi-Family, Commercial, and Residential Applications

• Long-Lasting – Resistant to Warping, Bowing, Splitting, Mildewing, Rusting, or Decaying

• Low Maintenance – Easily Cleaned with Simple Soap and Water

• Local Manufacturing (San Diego County), Installation and Support